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We specialise in custom-made and coloured shower trays.

Incorporate matching sinks, custom-sized tiles, Dansani bathroom furniture, Graff Brassware and a Waters bath,  then blend with inventive and distinctive design concepts; and you will achieve an Andrew James Bathroom.


At Andrew James, we design wonderful bespoke bathrooms. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to handle design flexibility and intricate installation details that others may avoid. As a result, our bathroom offering has naturally developed into a highly unique and customised range. In addition to the wide range of Dansani furniture is our ability to provide customised Silestone or Dekton surfaces, along with matching shower trays and sinks, to meet individual requirements. As a specialised small business and supplier of multiple room solutions, we have the advantage of focusing exclusively on a very specific bathroom style. While we may not offer a wide range of brands, within our niche expertise, we provide an extensive selection of choices for our customers to explore.

Our style of Bathroom

In an Andrew James bathroom, the focus is on clean and elegant design. Our goal is to create a tranquil space where you can unwind and relax. We prioritise functionality, ensuring that our designs are easy to clean and maintain. Our attention to detail includes hiding pipes and eliminating any awkward corners or edges. Additionally, we incorporate various styles and finishes from our reliable supply partners to add a touch of sophistication to our designs. Please take a moment to explore our selected partners, whose collaboration helps us to achieve our desired style.


Superior quality and elegant style offered by Dansani. We were immediately impressed by the exceptional build quality of their cabinets. It is common knowledge that fibre boards are not water-resistant, so it is crucial to have a bathroom cabinet that is well made and properly sealed. Dansani excels in this area. Additionally, their style perfectly aligns with our own, offering a sleek design with the option to add subtle details if desired. Dansani offers a wide variety of units and the ability to choose from any colour, making them an ideal complement to our furniture ranges.


Silestone & Dekton offer a distinctive feature of combining the superior characteristics and texture of Quartz or Porcelain with extensive format options in custom sizes. Our shower trays made from solid stone are precision-cut in the factory, eliminating any seams in the shower base. With a wide range of stylish colours and designs, the potential is bound solely by creativity and innovation.


Exceptional hand-finished designer brassware that stands out and are in a league of their own. Similar to Dansani cabinets, Graff also boasts outstanding craftsmanship and durability. Whereas some taps can experience internal mechanism failures over time, Graff taps are meticulously engineered for both external and internal quality. What truly sets Graff apart is their distinctive and tasteful designs, available in a wide range of finishes. Additionally, Graff offers the option to match all of your brassware to your accessories and flush plate, making them an ideal choice for creating a cohesive and stylish look.

The Sussex range by JIS Europe – Heated towel rails that are crafted from 100% stainless steel, making them perfect for use in wet room environments. They are available in either a sleek polished or elegant black finish. If you desire a different finish, we offer a wide range of coloured options available from MHS in the Beyond section of our site

Waters have a wide selection of Stone and Superior Lucite acrylic baths available in various styles, including freestanding, back to wall, and corner solutions. We have the Stone Evolve on display in the showroom for your convenience to personally experience its quality. Alternatively, you may explore their selection by clicking on the Waters logo.

This is merely the beginning

We do not simply stop there…..

Most good designs typically involve making adjustments to a room or, in some cases, constructing an extension. Therefore, in most of our projects, a room is stripped back to the brick with internal alterations, or a new room is built from scratch. This presents the perfect opportunity to tailor all aspects of the room to your preferences, desired ambiance and functionality. This may entail incorporating additional decorative and functional wall systems, lighting options, heating solutions, flooring materials, and possibly the integration of smart technology. Our BEYOND page covers all the supplementary items we offer, making us a convenient one-stop shop for all your project needs.