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We offer solutions for every room in your home

From a wide range of furniture solutions suitable for any room, along with flooring options, underfloor heating systems, stylish radiators that will enhance your space. Right through to built-in plastered lighting fixtures and retrofit smart switching features.

Our team has the expertise to handle projects of different sizes. We have effectively worked with our construction team to assist in the planning and execution of comprehensive house extensions, including furniture and fixtures. Alternatively, we also offer the option to exclusively supply individual items from our showroom. All of our supplies are readily displayed and functional in our showroom. Below, you will find a selection of our furniture collections, along with a variety of additional options to elevate any room project.


Introducing a versatile furniture solution with a distinctive touch. This innovative metal panel wall system features magnets for all its attachments. The shelving showcased in the images can be effortlessly detached from the wall and conveniently relocated to any desired location. This incredibly adaptable system is suitable for any room, offering limitless possibilities for creative application.
Please refer to the following images for a quick preview of the multitude of options available within Novamobili’s extensive range. For additional information, you can also visit the Novamobili website by clicking on the logo above.


Novamobili provides an extensive selection of contemporary-style furniture for all room settings, including aesthetic wall storage systems, TV systems, tables, chairs, and even sofas. Our Living room collection from Novamobili has proven to be a great addition to various room settings. The high quality synonymous with their bedroom furniture can be found in all of their furniture options.


Lighting is a critical element that influences visual perception and enhances viewing environments. It has the capacity to manipulate depth perception within a space, giving the illusion of increased size and openness. Strategic utilisation of lighting can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your home and can also be utilised throughout the day to adjust and create the desired ambiance for various occasions. Click any lighting image below to see the lighting gallery.

9010 novantadieci – Seamless Lighting, a sophisticated and innovative lighting solution suitable for any environment. The light fixtures are crafted from CRISTALY, a material that integrates smoothly with plaster for a sleek finish that blends seamlessly with the wall or ceiling. It is recommended to install these fixtures prior to plastering for optimum results. Visit our showroom to view our selection of this elegant lighting option.

Enhance your home with Lightwave’s stylish and functional switch and socket options that seamlessly integrate into any smart home environment. Easily control your lighting or power and access various smart functions through your phone or smart speaker. Lightwave products can be conveniently retrofitted without the need for extensive rewiring, making the transition to a smart home hassle-free.
Elegantly designed, high-quality minimalist modern lighting fixtures that add a creative touch to decorative lighting. This stunning collection provides a sophisticated lighting solution for any room.


During a complete room renovation, our customers usually consider whether they really want to retain their current radiator. Changing radiators usually involves moving pipes so room renovations are the perfect time to do it. We offer a variety of decorative heating options from the reputable brand MHS, as well as a range of underfloor heating systems from Warmup. Click either of the heating images below to see the heating gallery.

MHS offers a wide selection of elegantly designed decorative heating options that are both stylish and functional. Their radiators come in a variety of colours and finishes, and they also provide custom painting services to tailor to individual preferences.

Warmup Underfloor heating is energy-efficient and ensures a consistent level of heat distribution throughout the room. Warmup offers an electric underfloor system that can be installed in individual rooms, with the option to connect all systems using the 6iE Thermostat, so perfect for retrofitting. This thermostat can also be integrated into your smart home system for added convenience.


While we do not claim to offer  a comprehensive flooring solution, we do have a range of select products that can support your project needs. Our flooring suppliers are selected based on their commitment to quality, reliability, and variety. In addition to our Silestone & Dekton products, we also offer a variety of porcelain and ceramic tiles, click laminates, and click Vinyl (LVT) options.
Due to the dynamic nature of flooring finishes, we do not currently have links to our flooring options on our website. Please enquire about our current flooring ranges during your appointment. Thank you.


Several of our suppliers offer customised painting options for their products as an additional service, commonly known as a RAL option (RAL is a well known colour code system). Whether you have a specific paint colour in mind or would like to coordinate with existing worktop or tile colours, we are happy to assist with this customisation. At Andrew James we utilise the NCS colour code system to select our bespoke colour codes. We have a colour scanner and physical colour swatch available in our showroom for reference to help with the process.