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We specialise in Leicht Premium German Kitchens

Which means that as our sole kitchens brand, we are highly knowledgeable about the products. These high-end kitchens are beautifully engineered and offer minimalist, contemporary, and traditional finishes.

We have carefully chosen a select group of suppliers who provide all the components necessary for a kitchen, each with their own unique offerings. We have taken the time to handpick these suppliers, ensuring that we have complete confidence in working with them. For more information about this selection process, please refer to our news article. Although there is still a journey ahead before reaching your desired design, we have implemented a system to simplify the decision-making process by breaking it down into bite-size pieces. This makes the entire process much more manageable for you.

Due to our own manufacturing background, the Leicht brand resonated with us on various levels, making it an obvious choice for us to select as our partner for Kitchen furniture. Their flexibility, bespoke nature, and attention to detail are remarkable. Leicht is also a preferred option for architects due to their forward-thinking and innovative style. Please refer to the links below for some examples. We decided to collaborate exclusively with Leicht because their values and heritage perfectly align with our own at Andrew James Kitchens and Bedrooms.

To complement your Leicht Kitchen we can offer you the finest brands of

Appliances, Worktops and finishing touches.

Appliances, Sinks & Taps

No kitchen is complete without an oven, hob, and, of course, the kitchen sink. With our extensive years of combined experience, we have thoughtfully selected the following appliance brands to perfectly complement your Leicht Kitchen furniture. Our showroom proudly displays examples of all the brands we have chosen, allowing us to showcase them to you. Siemens and Neff are capable of fulfilling the majority of your appliance needs, but if you require something more specialised in a specific area, that is where our additional area-specific partners come into play.

Home appliances – Design beyond the obvious

Home appliances – Cook, create, inspire

The original and still the best boiling, chilled and sparkling water tap


Exquisite hand-finished designer taps in a league of their own

Specialising in cooling options, which include a wide range of sizes and even an integrated fridge cooling drawer option, ideal as a hidden away drinks fridge in an island.

Specialist extraction offering elegant styling and superb extraction performance. In addition, it provides an extensive variety of built-in solutions for added flexibility.

The wine cooling experts offering a wide range of built-in drink cooling solutions that come in various colours and can be concealed behind a matching cabinet door.

An extensive range of sinks in four different high-quality materials. Additionally, Blanco are the proud creators of the Etagon multi-level bowl.


Choosing the appropriate worktop can significantly impact the overall appearance, ambiance, and functionality of your kitchen. There is no universal solution for worktop selection, as each material has its own merits and drawbacks. If you wish to explore this topic further, I recommend reading my news article on worktops. Nevertheless, below are our curated options of worktop materials for you to consider.

Yes, Leicht can also provide worktops, which gives us the option to precisely match the color of the worktops with the furniture, as demonstrated in this image.

This worktop option is made from sintered stone and is highly durable. It is incredibly hard-wearing and offers a variety of finishes to choose from, which makes it a very popular choice for worktops.

Experience a top-notch quartz worktop, supported by a 25-year warranty from Cosentino. Additionally, take advantage of the choice to include built-in quartz sinks that perfectly complement your worktop.

Experience the beauty of natural stone without worrying about stains. Sensa granites are treated with an effective anti-stain treatment that guarantees the protection of your worktop.

For the ultimate flexibility, there can only be Corian, an acrylic-based worktop that can be moulded and formed into any shape. Additionally, its nonporous nature and seamless joints make it an exceptionally hygienic option.

Is there anything more beautiful than natural wood? Spekva has mastered the craft and can custom manufacture your worktops or breakfast bar. They also offer a selection of matching tables.

This is merely the beginning

We do not simply stop there…..

Most good designs typically involve making adjustments to a room or, in some cases, constructing an extension. Therefore, in most of our projects, a room is stripped back to the brick with internal alterations, or a new room is built from scratch. This presents the perfect opportunity to tailor all aspects of the room to your preferences, desired ambiance and functionality. This may entail incorporating additional decorative and functional wall systems, lighting options, heating solutions, flooring materials, and possibly the integration of smart technology. Our BEYOND page covers all the supplementary items we offer, making us a convenient one-stop shop for all your project needs.